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Water Print Pashima Shawl

Price: $300.00
Item Number: WW-4-1001-1-1011

Made to Order - will ship in 30 business days Water Pashmina Fashion Wool Shawl Traditional Pashmina shawls are made from the finest, soft fleece of indigenous mountain goats of Kashmir. Their silky wool acts as a protective layer against the extreme cold of this Himalayan region. Our Water Pashmina Fashion Wool Shawls are thin, finely woven, and light-weight, yet still warm. They are vibrantly colored textiles with rich, vivid motifs woven in them. These modern day shawls are ideal fashion accessories for the fall season, and can alternatively be used as decorative throws for the home. Water Pashmina Wool Shawl Color: Maroon, beige, brown Material: Merino Wool 85 in. x 30 in. Power-loomed by native artisans. Dual purpose item - can be used as body wrap or sofa/bed throw. Additional photographs are available upon request. Item# WW-4-1001-1-1011 Made in South Asia